Posted on August 10, 2021 by Rachel Dillman

1st Grade AT

Summary of workshop/​opportunity

"Educators and students are finally settling back into their physical classroom spaces, and while we all desperately want a return to normal, we are finding that a lot has changed. Many of us are realizing we may have underestimated how much our students’ social, emotional, and academic development was impacted over the last eighteen months. While everyone did their best to take care of the needs of their students under difficult circumstances, the fact of the matter is that eighteen months of their lives were disrupted, and our students may be dealing with significant gaps in their social, emotional, and academic development. We simply can’t expect to close those gaps in six to nine weeks.

So where do we go from here? In this Pop-Up PD, you will: Explore the impact of the pandemic on students’ social, emotional, and academic development Learn how to use our understanding of development to forge a path forward that will address gaps in students’ SEL skills Develop a plan to incrementally bridge the gap over the course of the year with Responsive Classroom practices"

Goals & Collaborations

What were your big takeaways from your workshop or project?

The pandemic has impacted students in so many ways. The speakers discussed many impacts but three stuck out to me: 1) teachers across the nation have seen students be a lot more reactive

2) teachers have seen a lack of stamina in students of all ages

3) There is a higher sense of fear overall, which leads to shutting down and higher general anxiety.

This PD left me with some food for thought: How will the pandemic affect kids later on down the road? Is their behavior the pandemic or other traumas? Is there an underlying traumas?

How does what you learned connect to your goals this year?

One of my goals this year was to help kids with their SEL skill development and get to a place where they understand what they need and have the words to advocate for what they need in and out of the classroom. This workshop focused on creating a plan for the development of SEL skills. They asked us to think about focusing on 1 of the 5 social and emotional competencies: cooperation, assertiveness, responsibility, empath, and self-control.

How might this opportunity lead to collaboration with other faculty?

During the workshop, I began to create a plan for teaching self-control to the first graders. The plan began with implementing self-control into morning meeting, moved on to an interactive model, then went to role-playing, and finished with a guided discovery. I began the process of outlining ideas for each category, but will collaborate with the 1st grade team on the best plan for teaching this social and emotional competency.

Would you recommend this opportunity?


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