Posted on June 06, 2021 by Deborah Thomson

U.S. Music Teacher

Summary of workshop/​opportunity

ACDA annual event to meet and interact with colleagues, as well as get inspired by world-class performances. Professionals from all over the globe will participate to provide an atmosphere replete with diverse resources, concerts, and sessions to inspire and grow your career as a choral director.

What are 3 things I took away/​learned?1. That live performances of choirs wearing masks actually can be very successful.

2. The dedication of the directors and choir members to persevere in spite of COVID is very inspiring.

3. That the acoustics of a performing space is essential to consider for the quality of sound.

What squared with my existing practice/​beliefs?

The phrase "vintage innovation" means leveraging retro tools and classic ideas blended with the use of modern tools and new ideas to create meaningful learning. This really resonated with me as I have seen so many instances in which teachers and schools adopt the latest technology and have students use it without a greater plan for how it serves their learning goals. Throughout this program, while we learned how to use technology, apps, websites, and digital tools to engage students, the focus was always on how the technology is useful because it is a tool to address a problem or need versus it being useful simply because students were learning how to use the technology. For example, learning the use the 3D printer is a useful skill because a student designs a face shield in wanting to be able to help the local hospital address their need for more protective gear. This course aligned well with my belief that all leaners need to know what they're learning and why and be engaged in learning opportunities that have multiple paths that are as different as their experiences and learning styles.

What is still circling around in my head?

I'd like to be able to spend time at the Krause Center for Innovation actually collaborating and using the materials and tools there in person to further develop my skills. The class ended up having to be virtual all three semesters due to Covid and I would like more time to apply the skills we learned that were demonstrated for us and discussed. I feel like this was a great opportunity for me to learn about the many different facets for design thinking and making using technology and now I'd like to be sure to utilize the introductory skills I learned and develop them further.

Would you recommend this opportunity?


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