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CPE Winter Institute 2021

Posted on January 22, 2021by Cate Svendsen 

Associate Kindergarten Teacher

Summary of workshop/opportunity

This years workshop was centered around moving beyond the "either/or" binary thinking that exists in today's schools. Lead my Rosetta Lee, we discussed the conflicts inside the classrooms, and walked us through a powerful tool to guide our new way of thinking, moving away from binary conversations.

Based on what I learned…

What are you going to START doing?

I am going to start bringing this new way of thinking into the classroom and make sure that it becomes part of the lessons. As I create lessons, I want to think through how it is either promoting non binary thinking or just perpetuating the old conversations. I liked the tool we learned, breaking down each possible approach to a problem into four different segments and brainstorming the pros and cons to each.

What are you going to STOP doing?

I am going to stop bringing in binary thinking into the classroom, either consciously or subconsciously because that was the system I was brought up in and there are so many more conversations to be had that bring an infinite number of ways to think about a problem or approach a situation or a lesson.

What are you going to CONTINUE doing?

I want to continue my own personal education on the best way to lead a non binary way of teaching by attending more PD opportunities, doing my own reading and through having the difficult conversations.

Would you recommend this workshop?

Interested in collaborating or do you have questions about Diversity in Governance Roundtable?

Reach out to Cate directly to begin a conversation!

PD ID# 226

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