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8th Grade Advisory Collaboration

Posted on August 18, 2021 by Danielle Denton

Art Teacher/ Advisor

Summary of workshop/​opportunity

This summer grant was a way for last years 8th grade lead advisor to pass on and provide vital information for the new 8th grade team lead and Advisors. Included in the 2 days discussion will be a Planning of events to start the 8th grade tear out as well as create the new 2021-2022 meeting minutes/ agenda and Calendar which lays out the 8th grade year and its rituals and events. The layout and agenda of activities for St. Dorothys, clarification about how Special Block is used, What a Self Care Circuit is and why we have built it in to the 8th grade year and the HS Process.

Goals & Collaborations

What were your big takeaways from your workshop or project?

Some big takeaways from our project together had to do with the 8th Grade lead Advisor role and the following information:

-8th Grade Advising Program

-8Th Grade Calendar of events

-8th Grade High School Process and Dates to remember 

-8th Grade self Care Circuit and purpose

-8th Grade St. Dorothys Overnight Activities and Rituals

-8th Grade BTSN

-8th Grade outdoor Ed -8th Grade End of Year Rituals

-8Th Grade Tea & Talk

How does what you learned connect to your goals this year?

I learned that I was going to be on the 7th grade team this year and so my goals as lead advisor have shifted to being a supportive and collaborative 7th grade team member. When I first started at Burkes I was on the 7th grade Advising team, My goal is to learn about any new changes to the 7th grade advising curriculum, As well as contribute any knowledge I have gained being on the 8th grade team and how it can help our 7th graders better prepare for their 8th grade year.

How might this opportunity lead to collaboration with other faculty?

I think this opportunity can lead to collaborating with other advising teams, by developing a Self Care Circuit for grades 5-7. I think it is important that we start to teach self care at an even earlier grade. Middle school can be a huge change. The sooner the students learn how to recognize when they are in need of some self care and that it is ok to care for oneself and What that looks like the BETTER. I look forward to participating as a guest art teacher to other grade level Self Care Circuits.

Would you recommend this opportunity?


Optionally, offer a one sentence recommendation for the opportunity.

Share various grade level advising program information with preceding grade level advisor teams ie. 7-8 & 5-6 for an organized and planned year.

PD #241

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