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Adapting Fairy Tales

Posted on December 13, 2021 by Kelley Vauk

2nd Grade Teacher

Summary of workshop/​opportunity

These workshops took place over three days in a virtual mini-institute. The TC instructors led workshops and discussions to share ideas to support students with dyslexia in Reading Workshop and across the day.


What are you going to START doing?

I am going to start using the phonemic awareness videos from TC to review and solidify letter sound correspondence and to help build confidence in students to use the spelling knowledge they have or to utilize the resources in the room to help them (charts, word inside a word, another word they know). I would like to start holding them more accountable for the patterns we have taught. When reading and writing with students I also want to continue to work on my goal of giving feedback - one thing I would like to start emphasizing is returning to the text when solving tricky words (attending to the graphemes as well as the phonemes).

What are you going to STOP doing?

I am going to stop using dictation as a sole means to assess the spelling patterns taught in class and instead use their written work and other short writing projects to see if they are applying their spelling patterns.

What are you going to CONTINUE doing?

I am going to continue to work with the learning specialist and the other second grade teacher to differentiate reading and writing lessons and activities. All students need support as they move to the next level of their learning and many of the highlights of this workshop helped me think about how to do this work in a deeper and more meaningful way..

Would you recommend this opportunity?


Optionally, offer a one sentence recommendation for the opportunity.

As always, TC doesn't disappoint - teaching and using the latest data to support teachers of students of all abilities, this workshop will give you resources and strategies to meet the needs to all learners in your classroom!

PD #248

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