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What's New in Children's Books

Posted on March 03, 2022 by Diana River

LS Librarian

Summary of workshop/​opportunity

In this highly engaging seminar, award-winning library media specialist and international presenter Deborah Salyer highlights the best, newly published children’s books, including picture books, chapter books, novels, graphic novels, poetry, nonfiction titles, and more! Deborah reads and evaluates each new children’s book, then develops fresh, innovative ideas to use them in all areas of your curriculum or programming. As a bonus, she also finds the best, new online tools and apps to pair with the books she shares. Many of the ideas, apps and online resources are applicable to other books, as well. From the dozens of books, resources, and strategies, you can choose the new books and activities that are best suited to your students and the priorities of your classroom or library.

You’ll also learn great ways to use technology to extend your interactions with readers about books in ways they love to learn.


What are 3 things I took away/​learned?

Three things I took away from this workshop were the concept of creating a livebinder, as well as 2 new websites of interest: for book reviews and recommendations and for book trailers to show students. I learned that I can use all of these in conjunction to help grow my library connection and to bolster student interest in books.

What squared with my existing practice/​beliefs?

I believe that it is vital to stay current with best practices and new releases. In my position, I am able to order materials that I think will really speak to students, so this opportunity really connected with me making sure my orders reflect the best that is out there.

What is still circling around in my head?

I am still processing the livebinder that the presenter shared and still looking at the different links therein. There is so much great information that I want to make sure I can fully take it all in.

Would you recommend this opportunity?


Optionally, offer a one sentence recommendation for the opportunity.

If you want to know what's new in children's literature, I highly recommend this recorded workshop that you can watch at any time!

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