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ASCD Leadership Summit

Posted on June 16, 2021 by Susan Deemer

5/6 Science Teacher

Summary of workshop/​opportunity

1108 - 17 Things Resilient Teachers Do (and 4 Things They Hardly Ever Do).

Resiliency - that ability to “bounce back” after setbacks and to persist in the face of stress and adversity - is an essential skill for educators, particularly now. Because the profession is stressful and unpredictable at times, educators need to develop, practice, and refine their own resiliency before they attempt to support students. This relevant, interactive, and fun summit will provide techniques, strategies, and methods that help to build resiliency in educators.

Goals & Collaborations

What were your big takeaways from your workshop or project?

Put my 'mask' on before trying to help others and communicate early and often when I start to see a student less engaged or distracted. I also need to find ways to unplug with my students in the classroom and reduce the amount of time on the iPad.

How does what you learned connect to your goals this year?

My only goal this year was to build positive relationships with my students and I feel this series of workshops helped me include more SEL into my daily lessons such as 'Get to know you' Kahoots!, teacher jeopardy games, and 'Draw This!'

How might this opportunity lead to collaboration with other faculty?

I shared some of my take aways with my advising team and we developed games together.

Would you recommend this opportunity?


Optionally, offer a one sentence recommendation for the opportunity.

ASCD is a great organization that provides fantastic best-practice teaching strategies in their PD.

PD #232

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