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Art of Fairy Tale Analysis

Posted on March 03, 2021by Cyndera Quackenbush

Director of Special Programs

Summary of workshop/opportunity

This Certificate Program in The Art of Fairy Tale Analysis invites students into the practice of reading the patterns and translating the archetypal meaning in the tales. This deeper understanding of Fairy Tales allows for a more meaningful choosing and sharing of classic tales to children of all ages.

Based on what I learned…

What are you going to START doing?

I am going to start looking more deeply at the messages that are conveyed in each of the tales I tell to students. Looking at world events and stage of development, what story is best for this day and time? How does the story impact the students?

What are you going to STOP doing?

I am going to stop telling any story I have not thought about and looked at more carefully from the angles mentioned above.

What are you going to CONTINUE doing?

I am going to continue telling stories! I will also continue telling old stories with a twist so that they can meet the minds and concerns for our students in today's world. I will also continue finding games that pair well with the stories for the students to embody each character and work out the contents of the story through play.

Would you recommend this workshop?

Interested in collaborating or do you have questions about Art of Fairy Take Analysis?

Reach out to Cyndera directly to begin a conversation!

PD ID# 227

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